Jaw Crusher

The cavity of the Jaw Crusher
consist of moveable jaw...
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Ball Mill

This Ball Mill is made up of
feeding part ,discharging ...
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Portable Crusher

The Portable Crusher Shanghai
Shenbang Machinery ...
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Design Bentonite Plant

Bentonite, a naturally occurring
clay, is mined and ...
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Manganese Plant

Manganese mine most common
of is no water and ...
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Activated Carbon Plant

Activated carbon, also called
activated charcoal ...
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About Us

Shanghai Shenbang Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a major manufacturer of mining crushing and industrial grinding mills. It is one of the new and hi-tech corporations in Shanghai. To persue the quality ,excellence and satisfaction is the goal of our Shenbang people . Shanghai Shenbang Machinery Co.,Ltd. has obtained the support and welcome with high-quality and excellent reputation .
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The Best Service

Shanghai Shenbang Machinery Co. is proud to provide the best products and service to our customers in each country. Throughout the Company's history and success of 30 years, one consistent theme has always been present: "Treat people fairly, whether customer or associate. Provide good products and service at reasonable prices."
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